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Six Questions with Jenna Pratt
Jenna Pratt, Business Administration ’16 

By Macy Forteza, Marketing ’18 

jennaprattJenna Pratt is from Sierra Vista, AZ, and in the first cohort of the Eller online bachelor’s program. Check out her responses to our 6 questions:

Why did you choose the UA?

It is my home state college, and I have always wanted to graduate as a UA Wildcat!

What is your major and when do you plan to graduate?

Business Administration, December, 2016.

What made you choose this major?

My parents are small business owners and they have inspired me in so many ways to invest in myself and build my own path to success. For me, business is so admirable, everything is a business, and I think there are so many different areas of expertise where my knowledge gained from the University of Arizona and Eller can be practiced. I’m so excited to become a true business professional and inspire my own children and others someday.

What type of professional experience have you had so far?

Secretarial work at my parents’ moving and storage company.


What has your involvement and professional experience taught you?

Working directly with the day-to-day operations of a small business has helped me to view our operations from all different aspects. Of course we have to consider our employees as well as our vendors, parallel agencies, and so much more. More than anything, I have learned the impact of even just one business on the working class, other small businesses, and the economy as a whole.

What are your plans for after graduation?

I am interested in real estate investment! However, before jumping into that, I plan to obtain my real estate license and work closely with established professionals to help develop my own expertise and preparation. I am also considering working towards obtaining my interior design certification and maybe even someday, returning to the university to obtain an architecture degree.

Top photo of Sierra Vista source. Photo of Jenna Pratt courtesy Jenna Pratt.