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By Ricky Triana, Eller MBA ’16


It may be winter but summer hiring is still a hot topic. As the academic year moves forward, new student opportunities become available. Each company has a unique hiring cycle but great employers frequently turn to Eller MBA for summer interns. Lee Pusateri, full-time MBA student (’16) and MBA Student Association President, took the time to share his summer experience working with BARD Peripheral Vascular in Tempe, AZ.

BARD visited campus in spring of 2015 to recruit summer interns for their high-performing Peripheral Vascular division. After initial on-campus interviews, candidates were invited to Tempe to meet with a large group of BARD employees. Lee Pusateri and fellow Eller MBA student, Natalie Brown, were selected as the two summer marketing interns. Lee found the work at BARD both exciting and challenging. “My internship was comprised of a downstream project, an upstream project, and day-to-day projects with my team,” Lee said. “During my internship I was able to apply the skills and theories that I learned from my first year of school to real-life business problems.” He went on to add, “The Excel skills that I learned in Finance 513 translated directly to my main project  this summer. I highly recommend the course even if students do not plan to concentrate in finance.”

Lee’s summer at BARD helped him to better understand the role of a product manager within the health products industry. “One experience that stands out for me was more of a fun event. At BARD’s summer sales conference in Las Vegas, the marketing team hosted a go-kart bonding event, and I was lucky enough to come in first place. Not trying to brag or anything!”

To hear more about Lee’s internship catch him in-between classes at Eller or at the next MBASA meeting.

Top image of Lee Pusateri, Eller MBA ’16, by Ricky Triana.