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By Trish Winter-Hunt


A team comprised of Full-Time Eller MBA students is competing against 28 other schools nationally in The Economist Case Study Competition hosted by This years group includes team captain Ricky Triana (Eller MBA/MSM ’16), Lee Pusateri (Eller MBA ’16), and Megan Shulby (Eller MBA ’17).

The three have put together a solution to answer Real Vision’s Question: Between Walmart and, which stock is a better 10-year hold?

The team carefully concluded that Amazon was the better option based on a number of factors that included Prime Membership and  Amazon Web Service growth. The continuing trend for consumers to shop online and demand a more customized experience also differentiated the online retailer from its more traditional competitor. Recently, Walmart has experienced  slowing in profit growth and has a number of future obstacles to navigate, such as further wage increases and the need to invest in developing a stronger eCommerce presence to compete with other players like Target, Costco, and Macy’s.

The competition began October 26th when all teams were given 2 weeks to submit a written report with video submissions due 1 week later. The top 3 winners will be chosen by the sponsor Real Vision TV. Winners will be announced March 1st, 2016. 

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