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Perfecting the Work/Life/School Balance
Chuck Kharrl, Eller MBA ’15

By Trish Winter-Hunt

For Chuck Kharrl, class of 2015, finding the right balance between his work with Arizona Public Service Company (APS) and his life at home is a challenge within itself. As a lover of sports and the outdoors, any free time away from his commercial nuclear power career is dedicated to enjoying Arizona’s sports teams with his family, and taking his Jeep off-roading in the state’s perfect terrain.

Chuck Kharrl, Eller (Executive) MBA '15. Photo courtesy Chuck Kharrl.

Chuck Kharrl, Eller (Executive) MBA ’15.
Photo courtesy Chuck Kharrl.

With an education and background heavily focused on nuclear power and engineering, Chuck felt there was certainly opportunity to increase his business acumen. When his Executive Coach and mentor of five years suggested that he look into an Executive MBA program, Chuck decided to add a third component to his work-life balance: business school.

As a corporate executive at a large Arizona-based company, Chuck put a premium on the quality of his MBA cohort while deciding between programs.

“I knew these people were going to be life-long friends, so I wanted to be surrounded by Phoenix and Arizona’s business leaders.”

The Executive MBA program at the Eller College of Management in downtown Phoenix provided that perfect fit. With classes Friday and Saturday, the overnight “residency” in Phoenix helped Chuck develop friendships within the cohort. Aside from creating a new local network, Chuck’s biggest goal for the MBA was to expand and strengthen his personal brand.

“My personal brand has always been nuclear energy. By learning the language of finance, accounting, and corporate operations, I’ll be able to take on more opportunities at APS.”

Although Chuck wasn’t expecting a promotion for at least another year and a half, he was just recently promoted to Plant General Manager of the Palo Verde Nuclear Generator Station. This can largely be accredited to his ability to successfully manage work, life, and school, and the breadth of knowledge and experience the Eller Executive MBA program has so far provided. 

“It really is a commitment to alter your life and integrate the Eller experience into your daily life, but the value-added is certainly there.” 


Header image of the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Phoenix, home of the Eller Executive MBA Program, courtesy Eller College of Management.