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By Katie Trump

Katie Trump is a double major in accounting and MIS who will graduate in 2016.

I am currently an MIS intern for Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals. It is located in Tucson, so I am able to work during the school year as a part-time intern, as well as a full-time intern during the summer. The main focus of Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals is to develop prevention therapies to help people who are more likely to develop cancer. As an MIS intern I work with the design, maintenance, and troubleshooting of all the IT hardware that is used in the office.

I learned about this wonderful opportunity with CPP through my Eller career coach, Nancy Roberts. I made an appointment with Nancy to talk about my future plans. Based on the resume template that Nancy gave me, I reworked my resume and she helped me forward it to CPP. Afterwards, CPP sent me an email with several preliminary questions, and I was asked in for an interview the next day. A few days later I was offered the position. My internship position with CPP enables me to use and develop both my MIS and Accounting skills, and I would not have been able to obtain this position without the help of Nancy Roberts and the Eller College.

This post originally appeared on the Eller Professional Development Center blog.

Top image courtesy Katie Trump.