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By Liz Warren-Pederson

Close to 50 students toured Tucson by bus to get first-hand insight into Tucson mayor Jonathan Rothschild’s economic growth plan, which focuses on the five T’s: trade, technology, transportation, and tourism. 

The tour, an all-day event on October 17, was coordinated by the Eller Professional Development Center in conjunction with Tucson Young Professionals.

“The goal was to promote local Tucson businesses and encourage students to consider staying in Tucson after graduation,” explained Shannon Uribe, assistant director of events, leadership, and marketing.

“I found out about the tour thanks to Nancy Roberts, my Business Communication 200 instructor,” said pre-business student Jazzmina Redondo. “I wanted to go on this tour because I felt it was a great way to discover many opportunities in my hometown, Tucson. I also wanted to go because I really wanted to learn more about different types of businesses in the area.”

The tour included site visits to Canyon Ranch and B/E Aerospace, as well as Connect Coworking.

“Thanks to the tour, I learned a lot about companies I never expected to find in Tucson,” Redondo said. She was surprised to discover that B/E Aerospace, a company that designs, develops, and manufactures a broad range of products for international companies including Emirates Airline of Dubai, was based in the Old Pueblo.

“The amount of opportunities and the diversity that is available right here in our back yard was surprising,” added Edward Watabe, an MIS and finance major who also went on the tour. “There were a large variety of careers presented to all majors. It was a great way to get a better idea of all of the different career paths that someone can take with a degree from Eller.”

The tour concluded with a presentation by the mayor.

Both Redondo and Watabe would consider staying in Tucson after graduation. “After this tour, I could see myself staying,” Watabe said. “But I really will go where the wind takes me!”

Top photo of Tucson Arizona courtesy Shutterstock.