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By Pamela Contreras

Pamela Contreras is business management major and the president of the Eller Hispanic Honorary.


Carmen Bermudez (center) with Eller students.

The Eller Hispanic Honorary was invited to the Lindsey Leadership Series, an event sponsored by Paul Lindsey for business professionals and club members. We had the honor to have dinner with Carmen Bermúdez, CEO at Mission Management & Trust Company. Carmen Bermúdez shared inspiring details about her journey through life and the way she developed various career skills that have helped her achieve the position she holds today.

As we conversed over dinner, we learned the intimate details about her personal life that carved her into the successful businesswoman she is now. Through such a special connection, the Eller Hispanic Honorary was able to see the true characteristics that make up what it takes to be a respected CEO. Mrs. Bermúdez happily shared unique stories, such as her bullfighting experience and flight attendant career, which not only imprinted her personality in our minds but also really drilled the message she was sharing with the Honorary.  It was her humble and humorous personality that quickly caught everyone’s attention. We learned that one has to “fight the bull” to make it to the top; in other words it is important to face any problem or obstacle head on and to never be afraid of what may come.

Additionally, our speaker shared that one has to realize their self-value even if it means rejecting opportunities that might not be the best fit. Through experiences like these, students get an exclusive networking opportunity that enriches our professional development. Usually, young professionals do not have the access to first hand recollections from people that are wearing the “big shoes.”  It gave us the chance to learn about their story and what they did to get there.

Getting to personally meet a CEO does not happen very often. Eller College of Management does a fantastic job at giving students the opportunity to network with professional leaders that we can relate and learn from. These types of experiences help student leaders grow and believe in themselves. It helps us paint a clear picture of what it takes, what we strive to become and making us believe that we as well can fight a bull.

Top image of a bull in a typical Spanish bullfight courtesy Shutterstock.

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