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Leaving a Footprint
Ben Malisewski, Eller MIS and Operations Management ’15

By Jessica Baker, Eller Marketing ’15

Born and raised in Tucson, Ben Malisewski attended Salpointe Catholic High School, where he was involved with the National Honor Society as well as his school’s volleyball, football, and basketball teams. “I knew I ultimately wanted to do something sports-related, but I wanted to find a more technical route and move into that industry after learning the technical aspects of it,” he said. “My mom works in the technology field, and jokes that it runs in our DNA.”

Although he was raised a Wildcat fan, Malisewski was ready for “an out of state experience.” The choice to attend the UA happened only after his decision to major in management information systems over computer science. “I like that MIS is more involved with business; not only are you learning to speak the computer language, but you are also applying it on a business level,” he explained. “And having the third best program right in your backyard is hard to turn down.” In addition to his MIS major, Malisewski also has a second major in operations management, as well as a minor in sports management.

During his first two years at the UA, Malisewski worked in the information technology department at Eller. “I was able to get a wide variety of experience,” he said. “I was not only exposed to technical work, but I was able to network throughout the College, which ultimately got me more involved.” During his Eller experience, Malisewski has been involved with Alpha Kappa Psi and the Bobcat Senior Honorary. “Eller clubs have top talent,” he said. “When you associate with those people, you are pushed to do more and be more because everyone around you is working so hard.”  

Ben’s involvement with Eller includes a study abroad trip to London, England. “There was a sports management focus during the program and I learned that sports teams are a type of business that still have the need to be profitable,” Malisewski explained. “Understanding their product [sports teams] contains a lot of traditional business elements, and the products have an extremely high visibility so every decision made is scrutinized.” His continuous hard work at Eller landed Malisewski an internship with the Arizona Department of Athletics as a marketing intern throughout the 2013-2014 school year. Additionally, he worked as an operations program manager this past summer at Microsoft.  

Throughout his internship with Microsoft, he was able to appreciate how many Eller pre-business and business courses actually apply throughout the job. “Understanding the real-world applications of the classes is essential,” Malisewski said. Sue Brown, his MIS 301 teacher, was someone who “taught technical elements that gave the ability to make decisions throughout various internships.” Malisewski noted his BCOM 314 professor, Kimberly Marchesseault, who created his foundation for communicating and explained “Communication, especially through writing, is vital for success.”

Malisewski aspires to work for Chelsea’s Football Club in London doing operations and business development. “I hope to leave a footprint,” he explained. “I want to leave organizations better than I found them.”  He loosely quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson when defining what keeps him driven, “What lies ahead of you, and what lies behind you, pales in comparison to what lies within you.”

Top image courtesy of Ben Malisewski.