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Courtesy EasyEye

easyeyelogoMcGuire Entrepreneurship Program alumni – and 2014 showcase winners – Jeff Hamilton, Ashley Hauer, Zachary Poll, and Matt Schwartz graduated into leadership roles in their own venture, EasyEye. Now the team is halfway through Health Wildcatters, a mentor-driven health care seed accelerator based in Dallas, Texas.

EasyEye, which is developing a kiosk to provide consumers with custom, over-the-counter reading glasses, beat out hundreds of other applicants for a spot at Health Wildcatters. They join ten other health-tech startups ranging from nutrition and fitness apps, to customized orthotics, to pharmaceuticals that fight cancer. EasyEye is the youngest team in the class and they’ve already covered serious ground over the last six weeks.

“We are making the most of our time at Health Wildcatters by taking advantage of all of the mentorship opportunities, along with the strong health care networks that have been made available to us,” said Hauer, EasyEye co-founder and chief marketing officer.

As part of the Health Wildcatters process, EasyEye received a $30,000 investment, access to mentors and additional investors, and office space in Downtown Dallas for the duration of the twelve-week program.

EasyEye recently partnered with Frameri, a Chicago-based company to supply their frames and lenses. They are also hard at work on their diagnostic device prototype and recently purchased a physical kiosk to help them visualize what their beta will look like. Ultimately, they plan for consumers to use a device to find the correct strength for each eye, select the appropriate lenses, and snap them into their desired frames. 

“EasyEye provides a retail solution for the 20 million Americans who need a different strength reading glasses lens for each eye,” said Poll, EasyEye co-founder and chief executive officer.

About 20 percent of ventures launch each year out of the top-ranked McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship.

“The McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship built us into a synergistic team with an understanding of entrepreneurship far beyond the expectation. We have grown not only as individuals, but as a team that is tackling large issues outside of our comfort zone,” Poll said.

Top image of (L-R) Jeff Hamilton, Ashley Hauer, Matt Schwartz, and Zachary Poll courtesy of EasyEye.