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By Jennifer Wong

Jennifer Wong is working as an account management intern this summer at R&R Partners is Los Angeles, CA.

This past semester involved a lot of resume edits, cover letter writing, applications, and networking. I connected with R&R Partners through Jeff Welter, who introduced me to one of his former students that works here, and is now my boss. Though our initial conversation happened back in March, it wasn’t until the end of May that I went through two rounds of phone interviews and moved out to LA about a week later.

The cool thing about working at an ad agency is that there isn’t a typical day! My main responsibility is to help coordinate communication between clients and the different departments in the agency. For example, if a client needed a flyer for their company, they would tell the Account Team what they wanted in that flyer, and we would bring that information to the Creative Team, or whichever team is involved. But depending on the projects that R&R is handling each week, I could be making props, sitting in on client meetings, or doing research for a product. I even got to help with the production of this stop motion ad!

 I absolutely love that everyone here tries to help us interns get the most out of our experience. My boss is always asking me if there is anything that I want to get involved in or if there is anything that I want to learn more about. Since R&R is a full service agency, I’ve been able to see how the entire process works from understanding a client’s needs to coming up with the concepts to finalizing an ad. Everyone is a blast to work with too!

During my first week here, I was asked to prepare a SWOT analysis for a huge client and eventually presented it to several managers who were impressed with my research. Aside from that, Eller has really taught me to be an effective communicator, which is important for account management. And Dr. Ackerley’s Advertising Management class helped me a lot with understanding the jargon and processes in this industry.

Top photo courtesy Jennifer Wong.