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By Mackenzie Riley, Eller Marketing ’14

Samantha Steadman visited the Nike campus in Beaverton, Oregon for her externship.

Samantha Steadman visited the Nike campus in Beaverton, Oregon for her externship.
Photo courtesy Samantha Steadman.

Over winter break, 50 Eller undergrads used their time off to participate in over externships hosted by alumni across the country. Students shadowed professionals in a career field of interest, getting the opportunity to observe, network, and preview the world of full-time work. The externships included multiple industries, such as marketing, finance, and real estate with companies such as Geico, NASA, and American Express.

The externships gave students the chance to exercise their networking skills and build connections in industries of interest. Theodore Rosenthal attended an externship in New York City with Scotia Bank. He explained how his host approached the experience: “He scheduled four other meetings with alumni in finance. All were insightful.”

The externships also gave students plenty to think about as they strategized about internships. Pre-business student Samantha Steadman participated in an externship in Oregon with Nike. “During my externship I was set up to see several other marketers within Nike,” she said. “These people held positions in different parts of the company, but there was an emphasis in marketing. For two days they told me about their jobs and how I could get on a path to reach an internship one day. It was amazing. It is a true networking experience!”

Accounting student Joseph Tocco externed with Ernst & Young. “Honestly,” he said, “I didn’t want it to end.”

“The externships facilitate a networking opportunity, an important skill to develop for post-graduation,” said Joe Gaskin, a marketing analyst at Turner Network Sales and the host of an externship. He advised students: “Seek and find mentors who support your ambitions. They will provide valuable insight and direction to keep you on track toward achieving your goals.”

“As an Eller alum who had to overcome a myriad of socioeconomic (and geographic) hurdles to make it in NYC, I am glad I had the opportunity to extend a hand of opportunity to a fellow Arizona Wildcat,” said Danny Arnett, who hosted an extern at AIG Insurance.

Top image of alumnus Danny Arnett of AIG Insurance (right) and Eller student Misha Krichever, who externed with the company. Photo courtesy Danny Arnett.