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By Mackenzie Riley, Eller Marketing ’14

The Eller Investment Club ventured to New York City last month for its annual networking trip. The group of juniors and seniors connected with fellow Wildcats. “We had the opportunity to visit some of the most prestigious firms in finance and network with alumni who are willing to give us advice and help us with our careers,” explained Juan Peraza, president of the club.


The club pays a visit to Deutsche Bank.

Even though landing a summer internship or full-time job would be nice, the students agree that the most important outcome from the trip is network building.  “Every connection leads to another connection,” said Mollie Zemer, vice president of the club. “It is amazing how willing people are to help students. Coming from a non-target school, it can be difficult, and every networking opportunity really makes a difference.”

Arizona alumnus Keith Zusi with Goldman Sachs had this advice for the students: “It is critical to use the networks that you have. Network with clubs, organizations, Greek life, and friend’s parents. “

Eller students are taking that to heart. “We built very strong connections in New York and some of our members got first round interviews that will be taking place this month,” Peraza said. “So far we have members going to interview with Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, RBC Capital Markets, Credit Suisse, and more. We are very excited about these opportunities and we are confident that they are going to an amazing job in their interviews.”

Cody Myers with Scotiabank GBM said, “As an Arizona alumnus, I was blessed to go through a great experience, and I now can share this connection with many others. When reaching out to other alumni, the sole fact that we share an alma mater has created a connection. This has provided me with the opportunity to network across different areas of the industry to gain a better understanding of the big picture.”

Peraza said he was grateful to the alum who participated in the networking session. “I started networking with UA alum at the end of my sophomore year. Through these connections I have been able to get mentors and develop great connections that helped me get to where I am today. I can’t thank the Finance Department and Eller enough for introducing us to alumni and their connections. These connections are what gets us great opportunities in such a competitive industry.”

Top image of the University of Arizona Investment Club.