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By Christie Marsh, Eller Marketing Junior

University of Arizona has been selected as one of six schools throughout the country to participate in the AT&T Campus Brand Challenge. Students in Marketing 425: Advertising Management have created an in-class, working marketing agency, Red Brick, responsible for researching, implementing, and evaluating an integrated marketing campaign.  The campaign is aimed at strengthening AT&T’s brand value proposition and market share among the Generation Y market.  All six schools will be competing for the chance to present their creative ideas to AT&T executives at the term’s conclusion.

Students will begin by conducting research to find out more about the target market.  After they have analyzed their research findings, they will design a campaign aimed at engaging Gen Y and increasing the demand for AT&T service for students on campus.  Red Brick will bring their campaign plans to life using a $3,000 budget provided by AT&T.  At the end of the term, students will collect post-campaign research, and then conclude with a formal presentation to their client summarizing the campaign results and successes. Student agency director Corey Malley said, “Red Brick is really looking forward to working with AT&T and EdVenture partners and creating something unique. Today, brands need to connect with their customers and do more than just provide a product or service. We want to help create those types of connects between AT&T and the students of the University of Arizona.”

Watch for more information about the AT&T Campus Brand Challenge at University of Arizona throughout the spring term.