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By Sarah Thompson
Eller Finance ’13

This summer, many Eller undergraduate students held challenging internships that ultimately put what they learned in the classroom to the test. While some held internships with large, well-known firms, others took positions with smaller companies.

Eller undergraduate students

Eller undergraduate students (left to right) Michael Brondello, Kara Gustafson, Olivia Coumides, Lauren Klausner, and Brian Leshe. Not pictured: Sarah Phillipe and Hunter Curtis.
Photo by Samantha Sowerby.

“Each day I strived to make ‘the Swoosh’ stronger, better, and faster, and looking back, I feel like my internship wasn’t ‘work’ at all,” said Michael Brondello (BSBA Eller MIS and Operations Management ’13), who interned with Nike. “The best moment was when my team made it to our project competition finals and I got to present straight to Phil Knight, co-founder and chairman of the board.”

“My marketing classes taught me how to specifically target consumers based on demographics, lifestyle, and more, which really benefited my work on online advertising campaigns,” said Olivia Coumides (BSBA Eller Marketing ’13), who interned with Avella Specialty Pharmacy. “The class that helped me most during my internship was business communication.”

Sarah Phillipe (BSBA Eller Business Management ’13) interned with concert promoter Live Nation. “One important thing I took away from my experience was the idea of loving what you do and loving what you sell. It’s hard to sell people on your product or service if you’re not passionate about it.”

“I learned a lot about real estate, banking, and corporate culture,” said Hunter Curtis (BSBA Eller Finance and Entrepreneurship ’13), who interned with Wells Fargo. “I also learned to leverage my skills in each of these areas in order to get things done in the competitive real estate lending industry.”

Brian Leshe (BSBA Eller Accounting and Management Information Systems ’14) interned with ING Investment Management. “I learned the difference between various types of investments and funds through analyzing mutual fund prospectuses and formulating fund-specific fact sheets for broker-dealers looking to invest in ING’s funds.”

Kara Gustafson (BSBA Eller Marketing ’13) interned with Sony Music Entertainment. “It was a fast-paced environment and I had to learn how to prioritize my tasks and be efficient with my time,” she said. “It was fun reaching out to media outlets and creating relationships with them.”

“I went into my internship with such high expectations, I never thought my experience could actually live up to them. Thankfully, I was wrong,” said Lauren Klausner (BSBA Marketing ’13), who worked for Saks Fifth Avenue this summer. “I felt like the work I was doing for the company was actually important, and I had several opportunities to be face-to-face with senior management.” Klausner had an ideal internship outcome — she will be returning to Saks in New York City following graduation in the spring.

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