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By Patrick Casey, Eller Marketing ’12

Pigskin BossWhat do you get when you combine social networking with fantasy football? You get Eller Alum Evan Singer’s newly launched website, Pigskin Boss. This site relies on the collaboration of its users to provide others with useful information regarding player stats, top draft picks, weekly game speculations, and more. Amongst thousands of fantasy football websites, Pigskin Boss is the only place that relies on a community to give fantasy football advice rather than limiting yourself to one expert opinion.

If you are looking to get advice from other users, referred to as bosses, you can easily post polls regarding week-to-week decisions like what players to start or bench, who you should trade, etc. This allows you to get timely and personal advice from potentially thousands of fantasy football minds, which gives you, the decision maker, a lot more information to make the right move come game day.

Pigskin Boss also believes that you don’t have to be an established journalist to know a lot about sports. Any user can share thoughts about existing articles or write his or her own. And while sifting through a 5+ page articles or forums can feel overwhelming, Pigskin Boss allows you to search for articles by player so you don’t have to waste time with articles that aren’t relevant to your team.

These days there is so much information available on the web, it’s tough to determine how accurate information is. Pigskin Boss solves this issue by tracking the accuracy of each user’s advice. The boss rating system finally allows you to weed out good advice givers from bad advice givers.

Pigskin Boss launched September 4, 2012 and has already begun to build a large community of bosses. So if you are struggling with making the right decisions for your fantasy football team or are just looking for a place to network with other fantasy football players and get hundreds of answers to your questions, look no further than Pigskin Boss. You can sign up today for free at


Patrick CaseyPatrick Casey is a marketing major with a minor in global business. He works with an international nonprofit organization called Young Life. Patrick will be graduating in December of 2012.

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