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By Brenda Schaub, Eller Marketing ’13

Chevrolet Sonic

Fall 2012 marks the beginning of a flood of new and eager students at the Eller College of Management. Among them, 62 students of media arts and marketing adjunct lecturer Edward Ackerley are currently enrolled in MKTG 425 Advertising Management. Here we learn to identify the needs of a market, create an effective message, and identify and utilize appropriate media channels that all aid in the management and development of competent and compelling advertising communications.

Like many semesters before, we have teamed up with EdVenture Partners, an organization that works to build strong cross-sector collaboration between nonprofit, corporate, and public sector entities. In doing so, EdVenture Partners empowers students with hands-on application of real-world learning experiences. This semester, the lucky students of MKTG 425 have been given the opportunity, through EdVenture Partners, to develop a promotional campaign for Chevrolet.

The “iAM” campaign for Chevrolet is currently underway and is geared to promote the Cruze, Sonic, and Spark automobiles in an effort to stimulate awareness throughout the campus.

We are holding an event at the UA Mall on October 26, 2012 from 11:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Immediately following 5 p.m., the event will be moved and continue at Bear Down Fridays at Main Gate Square on University Boulevard. Please be sure to come by and enjoy free food and entertainment, and of course, to see industry-education partnerships at work!


Brenda SchaubBrenda Schaub is a 27-year-old Eller marketing student. After completing high school, she enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, where she was tasked as a pilot training instructor. In 2010, she decided to expand her skills by embarking on an academic journey. Brenda is currently a devoted mother and wife who fervently challenges her abilities when balancing personal and professional obligations. She now looks forward to branching out as a professional following graduation in May 2013 as influential Eller alum.