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Finding Value Every Day
Eric Brady, Eller Finance and Business Economics ’14

By Sarah Thompson
Eller Finance ’13

Phoenix native Eric Brady knew he wanted to attend the UA rather than hometown ASU, but he hadn’t yet chosen a major. Early in his pre-business studies, however, he settled on two — finance and business economics — leading to a career interest in investment banking.

Eric Brady

Eric Brady, Eller Finance and Business Economics ’14, is plotting his career path toward investment banking through internships and more.

Brady’s plan is to begin as an investment banker and then work his way up to senior-level banker. After his freshman year, he landed an internship with Columbia West Capital. This past summer, he secured an internship with Perella Weinberg Partners in New York City.

“I had the best all-around experience with FIN 513: Fundamental Valuation Modeling last semester,” he said. “I was lucky enough to be able to sit in on the upper-level class as a sophomore. It gave me the specific skills and right mindset I will need to work in a big firm.”

Brady has also taken time outside of academics and internships to be active on campus. He is currently president of the UA Financial Management Association and the Eller Leadership Board. “I believe the most influential organization I was involved with would have to be the Eller Leadership and Integrity Training for Excellence Program,” said Brady. “ELITE really gave me a jump-start to learning how to act, behave, and think in the professional world — and I owe a lot of my academic and professional success to it.”

Eller alumni have been influential and helpful to Brady in his search for internships. “Cody Myers and Keith Zusi in New York have helped me prepare for interviews, learn the city lifestyle, and build my ability to speak with people in the finance industry,” Brady said. “Oren Knishinsky has also been a great resource, and was actually the link to my internship.”

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