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Volunteer Southern Arizona’s Youth Volunteer Corps Summer of Service program.

By Team Information Builders: Ramana Ramkumar, Sneha Jadhav, Ryan Kolofer, Saloni Porwal, Ramesh Raman, Snehal Shirole

The Google Online Marketing Campaign is an annual event where Google allocates $250 to teams working with professors to gain real world experience with online marketing and Google Adwords. Teams use different strategies and techniques to try to maximize the results for their selected client using the allocated budget. The Eller College of Management hosts a competition that has a total of 12 teams with different clients to display their results and lessons learned.

Our client for the Google Online Marketing Challenge was Volunteer Southern Arizona. When we were first asked to select a client for this challenge, we could not think of a better business to promote than a non-profit organization that helps the community in many ways. We contacted Volunteer Southern Arizona via email and they were prompt to respond.

Regular meetings with our client were conducted to better understand the business, the planned events and causes they were interested in promoting. Simultaneously, we were taught the concepts, tricks and strategies to run an online marketing campaign through Google Ads through our coursework. We were shown how to use relevant tools like Google Analytics, keyword optimizer and others in class.

We identified that proper budget allocation and ROI were the two most important factors, among many others, that mainly helped us achieve this victory. We utilized the entire amount of $250 over the 4 weeks span and were able to get 25 conversions i.e. 25 new downloads of fliers for their upcoming event. Online marketing also proved cheaper for Volunteer southern Arizona hence giving them a higher ROI.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Sudha Ram, Eller College of Management, Volunteer Southern Arizona and Google to provide us with this platform to show off our online marketing skills. It was definitely a great learning experience and would have been certainly not possible without Dr. Ram’s guidance in BI class.