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By Kelsey Wagner
Eller Marketing ’12

After reading a study reporting that fatigue causes firms to lose billions in employee productivity, Tony Floor and his team of three saw an opportunity. “I had an idea to build prototype pods for individuals who commonly complained of being exhausted in the workplace,” he said.

The team created a venture that enables overworked and overstressed professionals to have personal time to relax and de-stress during their busy days. By renting out private pods, these professionals can get back to working at their full potential by letting their minds rest.

The SiestaLife team at Innovation Day at UA (left to right: Preston Atkinsons, Tony Floor, Jay Fielder, and Matt Guthrie.

The SiestaLife team at Innovation Day at UA (left to right: Preston Atkinsons, Tony Floor, Jay Fielder, and Matt Guthrie.

Floor directs marketing for the venture, SiestaLife. Jay Fielder is head of operations and MIS, Matt Guthrie leads finance and accounting, and Preston Atkinsons is general manager.

SiestaLife has been proving itself over the last semester through a pilot store located in the UA Medical Center. The store targets medical professionals, who work long shifts and need rest to perform in their jobs effectively. “The pilot store uncovered critical customer information that will enable us to provide what these medical professionals are looking for,” Floor said.

siestachair2“Currently this is a solution that is unparalleled in the marketplace,” he added. “We offer a unique experience that provides a high level of comfort for any individual. Whether it be through offering an on-site beverage service, Netflix television, or additional sleeping aids like eye masks or ear plugs we help individuals rest when they most need to.”

SiestaLife plans to stay in Arizona. The team would like to offer top-tier healthcare facilities their own convenient SiestaLife stores for residents. They also aim to install sleeping pods in major metropolitan business centers and airports. 

Floor says that the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship has been instrumental in their success thus far. “The McGuire Entrepreneurship Program is a great launch pad for future entrepreneurs,” Floor said. “The program has provided SiestaLife with something unusual in an academic setting — the proper tools to effectively test and validate ideas . The mentors in the program have empowered my team and countless others to attain real-world experience in the hope of starting a company. It truly is the number-one entrepreneurship program in the nation.”

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