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Sam Swift
Eller Finance ’06
Partner, TCI Wealth Advisors, Inc.

By Liz Warren-Pederson

Growing up in Tucson, Sam Swift recalled watching his father build an investment company out of the family home. But when it came time to look at his own career, he was convinced he’d be doing something else.

“I started in honors physics with a business minor, but I migrated over to Eller when my physics classes became less interesting to me.” Once he was professionally admitted, he focused on finance. “It’s the science of investing,” he said. “I really found a good match.”

Sam Swift, Eller Finance '06, a partner at TCI Wealth Advisors, Inc.,  hopes to help the family-owned business grow.

Sam Swift, Eller Finance ’06, a partner at TCI Wealth Advisors, Inc., hopes to help the family-owned business grow.

Swift put his coursework to the test in a summer internship with TCI Wealth Advisors, the fast-growing company his father founded. “I really liked the work and started thinking about it as a career,” he said. After graduation, he took the summer off and then started with the firm.

Still, Swift said that had he not had a personal connection to the company, he might not have found out about the internship opportunity that led to what he sees as a long-term career. He and others at TCI are working with Eller to inform students about internships. “It can be hard for small businesses to be seen among bigger recruiters,” he said.

“By the time I came on, the company had grown and there were a few partners,” he said. “The company has moved very much beyond the family firm. I’m one of twelve partners and we have 30 people across six offices as a result of mergers and natural growth.”

He jokingly correlates the growth to his arrival at the firm in 2006. “Really, though, it’s about our internal culture, which is very transparent and open to making the whole team part of business decisions.”

In 2010, Swift became a Certified Financial Analyst. “Learning has always been really important to me, and coming out of school, there’s still a lot of learning to do,” he said. “But I felt well-prepared coming out of Eller.”

In terms of the future, Swift said he wants to see the company grow. “I want to be part of the next stage of growth,” he said. “The challenge is how to grow while preserving the culture.”

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