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Focusing through Involvement
Michelle Vock, Eller Marketing and MIS ’13

By Kelsey Wagner
Eller Marketing ’12

Michelle Vock is a Tucson native who knew she wanted to pursue a business major in college, but was not sure if the University of Arizona was right for her. It wasn’t until a conversation with former Eller College dean Paul Portney that she realized the UA was a perfect fit. “The Eller College offered a small college environment within a large accredited university,” she explained. She knew Eller was the right place for her.

Michelle Vock, Eller Marketing and MIS '13, is an active member of the Eller community.

Michelle Vock, Eller Marketing and MIS ’13, is an active member of the Eller community.

Once at the UA, she still had to decide on a major. “All I knew about my career and major goals when I arrived at the University of Arizona was that I wanted to go into business and that I wanted to apply my creative skills,” she said. “Programs like Eller Leadership and Integrity Training for Excellence (E.L.I.T.E.) and Zipperman Scholars really helped me narrow down my major selection to both marketing and MIS. Talking with teachers and shadowing professionals also had a huge impact on my decision.”

Since then, Vock hasn’t slowed down. “Ever since I entered college, my mindset has been to utilize all opportunities and resources that would be available to me. As a result, I have had countless experiences that have helped me develop into the person I am today.”

In addition to E.L.I.T.E and the Zipperman Scholars, Vock has been involved in La Paz Living and Learning Community and Alpha Kappa Psi. She has also worked in various departments including the College of Humanities, Office of Federal Relations, Department of MIS, Eller Undergraduate Professional Development Center, and Department of Marketing. Of her experiences thus far, Vock said, “Despite the many projects I have led, the most rewarding aspect of my various and diverse experiences has been the ability to interact with many different people.”

Currently, Vock works in the Professional Development Center as an associate where she has had the opportunity to interact with students to help them with their cover letters, resumes, professional skills, and networking opportunities. Through the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi, she has been able to “work and lead hundreds of different personalities, continue my own professional development, and help others reach their potential. AKPsi has been a wonderful college family that has helped motivate me to succeed.”

This past summer Vock interned in Hong Kong for the entrepreneurial health robotics company Intuitive Automata. There she worked with the executive team to develop social media promotion strategies and marketing techniques for a new product called Autom. “I had the opportunity to work for Intuitive Automata as the product development phase was coming to an end and the product launch phase was beginning,” she said. “The experience was unlike any other and I was blessed to have the chance to travel abroad.”

As for the future, Vock said she has a passion for marketing, technology, community service, and education, and would like to pursue a career in the education technology industry. “It is time to make classrooms more innovative and exciting for students so that they have a reason to engage with education and will have a passion to continue succeeding in the future,” she said. She aims to work for a company that has this same mission. “I don’t know exactly where my career will take me, but if some of my work encourages more children to enjoy education in the short- and long-term, I will feel accomplished,” she said.

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