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By Janea Laudick, PR Manager for Studio 134

The University of Arizona has been selected as one of 20 schools throughout the country to participate in the Honda Civic Coupe Marketing Competition in conjunction with EdVenture Partners. Dr. Ed Ackerley’s Marketing 425: Advertising Management class has created an in-class, working marketing agency, Studio 134, responsible for researching, implementing, and evaluating an integrated marketing campaign. The class is also working on a micro-campaign with local client Mr. K’s Barbeque.

Students in the class are all divided into different agency departments, each playing an integral role in both campaigns. With a total of 62 students, they all have the opportunity to participate in this hands-on project and showcase their skills to real-world clients.

Agency Director, Julian Allen, says “with such a dynamic business world, the opportunity for Eller students to break out of the classroom and work with real-world clients is priceless. Working with Mr. K’s BBQ gives us a chance to see the real impact of our marketing efforts as well as serve the Tucson community, while Honda’s campaign competition will bring our efforts to the national stage and show us how we compare with other top universities across the country.”

For the Honda Civic Coupe Marketing Competition, the students will be developing a campaign in the local Tucson and University of Arizona community. The campaign is aimed at increasing purchase consideration for the 2012 Honda Civic Coupe among the Generation Y market. All 20 schools will be competing for the chance to present their creative ideas to Honda executives at the term’s conclusion.

The Advertising Management class is also working with Mr. K’s Barbeque to increase campus awareness of this new restaurant. Charles Kenrick (Mr. K) is an alumnus of the University of Arizona school of Pharmacy and passionate about serving customers at his new location of Mr. K’s on the corner of River and Stone. Studio 134 will be working on a micro-campaign by targeting the University of Arizona population to increase awareness of the new location as well as their catering offerings.