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Preparing for Success
Lauren Kuehner, Eller Finance and Entrepreneurship ’12

By Kelsey Wagner
BSBA Marketing ’12

When Lauren Kuehner decided to attend the University of Arizona, she was looking for an active Greek life, a lot of school spirit, and a top-rated business school. When she got here, she seized the chance, becoming one of Eller’s top students.

Kuehner says that she has always wanted to pursue a degree in entrepreneurship, but because the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program can only be a secondary major, she had to choose a primary major first. That was easy; Kuehner has been managing her own stock portfolio since she was 13 years old, so she made the obvious choice and began studying finance.

Lauren Kuehner, Eller Finance and Entrepreneurship '12, with business guru Warren Buffet.

Lauren Kuehner, Eller Finance and Entrepreneurship ’12, with business guru Warren Buffet.

Now a senior, Kuehner has held multiple internships. She has experience in fields such as advertising, private equity, real estate, and consumer goods. Last summer she worked as an intern in Seattle at Proctor and Gamble.

Not only does Kuehner work hard when not in school, she works hard for the school. Kuehner is the Federation of Eller Student Organizations student coordinator, housed in Eller’s Undergraduate Program office. In that role, she is a liaison between the Eller clubs and the College, providing student organizations with information, workshops, speakers, marketing, and anything else they may need. “What I have gotten most out of this position is learning how much Eller enhances the experience for their students,” she said. “I understand the difference our donors and company sponsors make for the College and will continue to give back after graduation.”

Outside of school, Kuehner also is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi, and has held leadership positions in both. And as if she did not have enough on her resume, she is involved with Hope4Kids and sponsors a village in Africa. “These organizations have added to my Eller experience in many ways, including teaching me skills such as organization, professionalism, and accountability, which have helped me land my internships and prepare me for my full-time career.”

Kuehner said that a preparation, hard work, and learning from failure is what is behind her success as a student at Eller, and hopes to land a job consulting for a private equity firm. In the long run, she hopes she can indulge her philanthropic side and work in the nonprofit sector later in life.

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