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By Kylie Beacco, Marketing’12

Dr. Ed Ackerley’s Marketing 425 class focused on giving students hands on experience. Dr. Ackerley does this by giving students a real life client, and letting the class act as an advertising agency run solely by the students.

On October 25th, Our Marketing 425 Advertising class held an event out in the Eller courtyard; the event was promoting one of this semester’s clients, U-Swirl Frozen Yogurt. Our class brainstormed ideas about how to effectively execute our “promotion with commotion”. All of our ideas resulted in what sounded like a carnival/circus (candy, games, and raffle tickets), which is how we came up with the name “Cirque de Swirle”. Two weeks prior to the event, each student went around the Tucson community to gather donations from local businesses to award prizes to those who bought raffle tickets. Some of the donations were: gift cards, a one night stay at the JW Marriot, spa services, and apparel. Along with the great prizes were games, pizza, cotton candy, and free U-Swirl!

I participated in the setup process of the carnival, which entailed: assembling the balloon arch, hanging banners, and setting up and organizing the tables. Rick, the owner of U-Swirl, was generous enough to give us a box full of coupons that were valid for one free 16 oz. cup of frozen yogurt. I helped pass out these coupons, which encouraged students to participate in our survey or buy 3 raffle tickets for $1. All of us had on matching U-Swirl t-shirts, which I think were a great idea. This encouraged our class to work together as a team and also raise awareness throughout the Eller community. The event was a great turn out! We made around $240, which will go towards our U-Swirl marketing campaign. We are satisfied with all the recognition U-Swirl has received on behalf of our efforts!

Our next two events are uSwirl Percentage nights. They will be held at uSwirl on Broadway, and will benefit two fraternities at the University of Arizona. Thursday, November 17th, will benefit Lambda Theta Phi Inc, Latin Fraternity. The second percentage night, next Monday November 21st, will benefit the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi. Just say the name of the fraternity when you pay, and a portion of the proceeds will be given to them! We hope to see everyone there!



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