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By Liz Warren-Pederson

Ethics winners

Recipients of the Dr. Sidney L. and Beatrice K. Cramer Endowed Scholarship and Fellowship (left to right): Scholarship winner Amanda Wacker with Neville Cramer, and Fellowship winner Suzanne Delaney with Paul Melendez.

Ethical behavior can pay off in unexpected ways — just ask marketing and finance senior Amanda Wacker and lecturer in management and organizations Suzanne Delaney. The two are, respectively, the recipients of the Dr. Sidney L. and Beatrice K. Cramer Endowed Scholarship and Fellowship, established by alumnus Neville Cramer to recognize the outstanding ethical example set by one faculty member and one student each year.

Wacker has been involved with the Eller Board of Honor and Integrity (EBHI) since her sophomore year at the UA. Students must apply to join EBHI, a board with a capped membership. “I decided to apply for the organization because that semester I was in Dr. Paul Melendez’s MGMT 202 ethics class,” Wacker said. “The board members that year made a presentation in his class and I was hooked.”

Wacker is currently chair of the board, which coordinates the annual Collegiate Ethics Case Competition and other outreach events. “Being a member of EBHI has meant that I have been able to help make ethics an important part of the Eller culture,” she said. “Whether it’s our case competition or bringing students to Eller to participate in the High School Ethics Forum, I have thoroughly enjoyed making a difference in the Tucson community. I have also enjoyed the opportunity to meet other Eller students like myself, who think ethics are an important part of our schooling and future careers as business professionals.”

“Amanda leads by example and takes pride being a principle-centered leader,” said Paul Melendez, EthicsPoint Distinguished Lecturer and founding director of the Center for Leadership Ethics at the Eller College. “She is articulate, intelligent, and epitomizes a student who can balance her extracurricular activities.”

After graduation in May, Wacker hopes to enter the financial services sector as a financial advisor. “Ethics are hugely important in the financial services sector because you need to be accountable to your clients, to where you are putting their money,” she said. “From EBHI, I’ve learned that being ethical is doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. I’ve also learned that the results are not as important as the path you take to get there.”

Management lecturer Delaney has made personal ethical behavior a foundational part of her statistics course. “Suzanne is one of the most thoughtful and caring professors,” said Melendez. “She was recognized by many students who nominated her for her extraordinary efforts to safeguard the testing environment and consistently send positive messages about the importance learning concepts and students undertaking their own work.”

Delaney, Melendez, and Wacker joined Cramer for dinner to celebrate the awards. Cramer, an immigration policy expert with more than 26 years of experience with the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, established the awards in 2009.

“I am thrilled that the University of Arizona has selected Amanda and Suzanne to receive these awards,” said Cramer. “It is gratifying to know that my family’s gift has gone to such qualified individuals. I am certain that Dr. and Mrs. Cramer would be pleased, as well. My thanks also go out to Dean Len Jessup and Professor Melendez for their support and continuing work in the field of ethics.”

“It means a lot to me that Neville Cramer, as such an experienced and high-standing government official, has always valued ethics and wants the next generation to value ethics, as well,” said Wacker. “It’s empowering to see someone who has been so successful in his professional life also live by ethics.