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Coming Back Home
Morris Amiri, Eller Finance ’04
Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Dash Acquisitions

By Kelsey Wagner
Eller Marketing ’12

Morris Amiri arrived at the Eller College as an undergraduate with a long resume of internships and certifications. When he graduated in 2004 with his finance degree, he also left with something intangible: a strengthened passion for investing.

Amiri started at Bear Stearns as an investment specialist, then joined RBC Wealth Management as a financial consultant. He is currently managing partner with Dash Acquisitions, a private investment management firm in Beverly Hills, California, that focuses on building long-term asset appreciation for clients using separately managed accounts.

Morris Amiri, Eller Finance '04, with Warren Buffet.

Morris Amiri, Eller Finance ’04, with Warren Buffet.

In October, Amiri came back to the Eller College to share insights from his career path with current students, in the same way so many alumni had done for him. He told students three important things that would influence their success in the future: a good mentor, someone who you look up to and will inspire you; strong relationships, both professionally and in other aspects of life; and giving back to the community. This third reason prompted Amiri to come back to McClelland Hall this month: “In my opinion, true success is being able to give back at a meaningful level,” he said. “Not just financially, but time-wise. Just like alumni were there for me to show me the way, I want to be that channel for current Eller students.”

During his time at Eller, Amiri served as president of the Financial Management Association. He cites his time working with faculty and with the members of FMA as influential in his understanding of organizations and business operations, and strongly recommends that students consider leadership roles in student organizations. “Being part of a group like FMA really prepares you for the business world,” he said. “The fellowship of the organization kept people accountable to showing up, and in the leadership capacity, it helped with event planning, coordinating with members and other attendees, and connecting members to guest speakers once the events were completed. These connections led to internships and job offers for FMA members upon graduating from Eller. It’s pretty simple: the skills that one can learn from participating in student organizations transfer directly into the business world.”

He described the Eller experience as “a pre-season game” to the real world. “Student events on one end and alumni organizations at the other end make you aware of what it is going to take to succeed,” he said. “When you start your professional career after Eller, you have to draw on the skills that you learned while being in a cohort, by working in teams, and by going to faculty office hours. The skills you learn at Eller in terms of interviews, resumes, interpersonal relationship management, and organizational management are important parts of a successful career in the business world.”

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