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Working Overtime
Evan Singer, Eller Marketing ’10
Founder, Pigskin Boss

By Liz Warren-Pederson

A little over a year after graduating from the Eller College, Evan Singer is working 50- to 60-hour weeks for a San Diego ad agency. But he’s still got creative energy to burn on the side: he and two partners are preparing to launch, a web venture Singer conceived during his senior year as a marketing major at the UA.

Evan Singer, Eller Marketing '10, has put in extra hours as he prepares for the launch of

Evan Singer, Eller Marketing ’10, has put in extra hours as he prepares for the launch of

“I come from an entrepreneurial family, so potential business ideas are constantly flowing through my head,” he said. “But this is the only business concept that’s grown so much stronger over time.”

Singer grew up in St. Louis, where he was expected to be a Mizzou Tiger like the rest of his family. Instead of going to the University of Missouri, he set his sights elsewhere. “I was the first one in my family who asked to go out of state,” he said. “Home will always be home; there was something intriguing about having my own place and experiencing new things. I was looking for a big school with great sports that I could follow the rest of my life.” After a visit to the UA campus, it all fell into place. “Arizona felt totally right,” he said.

At Eller, Singer lead Ed Ackerley’s advertising management class, which takes a case study approach to understanding the ad industry. As the agency director, Singer led his classmates to win a national competition to design a peer marketing campaign for the Honda Insight.

Singer used the success of the Honda Insight project to find an equity partner for the web venture he’d been turning over in his mind — an interactive community for fantasy football players. “I’d been reading the 4-Hour Work Week, and there was one line that sparked Pigskin Boss — ‘the best businesses are created by people who are consumers for that business.’”

Billed as "Fantasy football's first front office," Evan Singer's provides a new, tailored resource for fantasy football players.

Billed as “Fantasy football’s first front office,” Evan Singer’s provides a new, tailored resource for fantasy football players.

“Fantasy football is one of my favorite things in the world,” he continued. “Every week there are decisions you have to make — the same kind of decisions that a real general manager or team owner makes for a real sports franchise. The idea is to create a simple way to make those weekly decisions easier through collaboration.” makes it easier for fantasy football players to write their own articles, find information about only their players, and seek advice through interactive polling. Users gain credibility over time by the accuracy of their predictions and advice.

“In fantasy football, everything is driven by your decisions,” Singer said. “Your decisions determine wins versus losses. What we’re doing is creating a simple way for people to collaborate and get their questions answered — by more than just one writer or analyst on TV. Now people have an entire network of ‘bosses’ to discuss strategy and even be able to measure the advice they receive. The higher the rating, the more credible the user is.”

A year and a half after conceiving, Singer and his team are preparing to launch their beta site. “It’s a really exciting time,” he said.

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