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Carving a Niche in Online Marketing
Alexandra London, Eller Marketing ’07
Manager, Global Initiatives and Development,

By Liz Warren-Pederson

After her freshman year at the UA, Alexandra London interned at Skywalker Sound’s Skywalker Ranch on a magazine founded by George Lucas — an experience that shaped her early career goals.

Alexandra London, Eller Marketing '07, turned a contract position into a full-time career at

Alexandra London, Eller Marketing ’07, turned a contract position into a full-time career at

The Marin County native decided to come to the UA after friends a few grades ahead talked up the experiences they had in Tucson. “The minute I stepped foot on campus, I knew it was the place for me,” London said. She and two close friends came to the UA together.

Her first year of college, she did not declare a major. “Then I realized that business was a direction that I wanted to go,” she said. “When I looked through the descriptions of the Eller majors, marketing stood out.”

After graduation, she moved to Seattle and joined a magazine company in ad sales. The job was not as much fun as she remembered from that first internship. But along with the traditional print ads, she got experience with online advertising. “I discovered that was a direction I wanted to go,” she said.

London began looking for startup internet companies, and joined Blue Nile, an online diamond company. “I began working on search engine marketing for them,” she said. “I love the internet marketing realm.”

Then, she said, “I wanted to work for a bigger company, and I starting putting my resume out there.” contacted her about a contract position, but she was reluctant to leave a full-time job for temporary work. “I took a risk and joined them, and after three months, converted to full-time,” she said. Two years on, she has been promoted to a different division within her department, through which she manages Facebook and Twitter advertising worldwide.

Going forward, she said, “I definitely see myself staying within e-commerce or paid search marketing. It’s always changing, so there’s always something to learn; I never get tired of it or bored.”

London recently reconnected with fellow alumni and new dean Len Jessup at a Seattle-area event. “I loved Eller,” she said. “I felt that my teachers took the time to get to know me. And I loved the idea of all the group work, which is something I use every day you might not get along with everyone, but you have to learn to work together.”

London is trying to spread the word her twin brothers just started at the UA. “I’m hoping they come to Eller!” she said.

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