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Inspiring a Sustainable Future
Jenifer Wong, Eller Marketing and MIS ’15

Megan Pulver, BSBA Marketing '11, will move to Los  Angeles this summer to pursue a career in the  business of entertainment.

Megan Pulver, BSBA Marketing ’11, will move to Los
Angeles this summer to pursue a career in the
business of entertainment.

Megan Pulver may have graduated last month with a business degree, but her interests aren’t confined to the office. She has been involved in musical theatre since the age of three.

Pulver grew up in Scottsdale where, in high school, she was academically driven, with a rigorous course load. On top of this, she was involved in three choirs in the largest choir program in the state, and she even made the all-state show choir.

She entered the University of Arizona with an Excellence Scholarship, but struggled at first to find a major that fit her diverse interests. “I initially thought I wanted to do musical theater,” she said. “Having been successful at this for over a decade, it seemed to be the right path. But I realized that you do not really need a degree to pursue it. After the first day of school, I switched tomarketing — it seemed like a perfect major that allowed for creativity and variety.”

During her summers away from college, Pulver ran a music camp for children, which opened her eyes to the business side of entertainment. She was determined to gain professional experience and sought an internship every semester. She worked for the Fiesta Bowl, Detail Management, EdVenture Partners, Asylum Productions, and Cox Productions, and even worked as hospitality director for UA’s Jay-Z concert in 2008.

During her sophomore year she was offered an internship through the Disney College Program, but she turned it down to focus on school. “All of these experiences led me to see that combining my marketing skills with my entertainment and musical theater background was the best avenue for me to pursue,” Pulver said.

She continued to build her leadership skills by being active in the Chi Omega Sorority, Associated Students of The University of Arizona, and the American Marketing Association, in which she was a part of the annual case competition team. Of her time here at Eller, Pulver said, “It provided me with the basic skill sets I need for the future, but also pushed me to pursue my passion and look for experiences and jobs that move me.”

This summer she will relocate to Los Angeles, where she aims to work in PR for talent relations or events for feature films. After getting a few years of work experience, she hopes to continue her education. “I want to pursue a MBA,” she said. “I then aspire to be a VP of marketing or PR at a large studio or a well-known PR firm.”

Pulver recommends that current Eller students follow their career dreams: “listen to your passions and seek out opportunities that better your experience and your marketability to companies.” And says she lives by the words, “pursue your passion, the money will come later.”