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By John-Mark Bantock, Taylor Hedberg, Sam Ellis, and Lindsay Erlick

When I came into McGuire I was prepared for long days, hard classes and a good experience. I am leaving with an addiction.

16-hour work days are routine, weekends are opportunities to catch up on forgotten accounting projects, and nights are spent dreaming up new product ideas. Fortunately my team is right there with me.

Nothing has consolidated this year and our understanding of business like writing our business plan. We started it three months ago and Taylor is still working on it beside me as I type. This 100+ page behemoth is my (and my colleague’s) life plan for the foreseeable future. The most daunting realization we have accepted is the fact that our business plan is a living document. We have “finished” it at least five times; our most current version, turned in last week, is already out of date.

Although we had 90% of the business plan (version 6) is done, the last week before it was due was nothing short of ridiculous. We pulled two all-nighters proof-reading operating agreements and writing articles of incorporation when we couldn’t stand the thought of formatting the headers, which had gone awry (again). Each of us picked our poison. Lindsey went for coffee, almost depleting Cartel’s iced toddy supply. As you can see in the picture to the right, Taylor and I chose Neuro. This hurled us into a manic state of incredible productivity, so it has been dubbed “productivity in a bottle”. Sam was a bit more on the adventurous side and picked up something sold behind the counter at the Eller Deli called “Study Buddy.” We still don’t know what it is, but Sam’s heart rate has since returned to normal.

Once the business plan was turned we set new personal sleep records. (Average:16 hours of straight sleep.)

The funny thing about addictions is the fact that you don’t know you have one until it’s too late. In our case, this could not have worked out better. Our work is recreation; there is nothing we would rather do. Our friends, or better said, lack thereof, would attest to this. Our energy levels are soaring, enthusiasm is peaking and dedication has been redefined. The entrepreneurship bug has bitten and we have never been more excited!