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Open to Possibilities
Garrett Voge
BSBA Accounting ’13

By Liz Warren-Pederson

Garrett Voge, BSBA Accounting '13, is actively involved in Eller and UA activities.

Garrett Voge, BSBA
Accounting ’13, is
actively involved in
Eller and UA activities.

Tucson native Garrett Voge was involved in high school activities including student government, varsity volleyball, National Honor Society, and journalism. When it came time to apply to colleges, a number of factors influenced his decision to come to the UA, including affordability and Eller’s nationally-ranked undergraduate program.

But a key factor, he said, was that “it was big enough to offer me everything I wanted with regards to academics and extracurricular activities.”

Voge wasted no time in getting involved – his freshman year, he attended Eller Leadership Fest, where the Eller Ambassadors caught his eye. “It was different than many other clubs because it only has about 25 members,” he said. “I felt that this would allow me to get to know these students and provide an environment that would allow us to help each other as we progress in Eller.”

As an Eller Ambassador, Voge connects with high school students and their parents on behalf of the College. “It’s given me a chance to interact with them in a setting where we can discuss the reasons that I love Eller and the University of Arizona so much,” he said.

Voge is currently vice president of recruitment for Eller Ambassadors. “This has allowed me to teach, organize, and assist my peers in a professional atmosphere,” he said. Through the Eller Ambassadors, Voge has also worked with Pam Perry to develop content for a series of recruitment emails for high school students.

He also is an elected senator for Associated Students of UA (ASUA), where he has been building hands-on experience through his involvement with the association’s Spring Fling. “This will be my second year working in the Funds Room,” he said. “Being only one of about five people privileged enough to count the money of the nation’s largest student-run carnival has allowed me to see the inner workings of a large-scale business.”

His freshman year, Voge also got the chance to meet College namesake and UA alum Karl Eller twice.”It really inspired me to continue to strive for the best while at the University of Arizona,” he said. “I think it is amazing that a man with such prestige as Karl Eller finds time to meet with current students every year, even a little freshman like me.”

When Voge entered the UA, he wasn’t sure what area of business he would focus on. “But that’s what’s great about business – you don’t have to know what you want to do right away,” he said. “Through my pre- business classes, I learned that I liked the idea of accounting and it was the most practical major for my future aspirations.”

Eller alum Nancy Meech of Heinfeld, Meech & Co., P.C. conducted his professional admission interview. “She offered a lot of advice on future job opportunities and the accounting major as a whole,” he said.

So far, Voge said that associate professor of MIS Patti Ota’s Social Interactions and Relationshipsclass has been influential. “It’s allowed me to see how business works in a different light,” he said. “The class revolved around the relationships between different groups of people and showed us how, like life decisions, business decisions aren’t black and white, but require much analysis before a decision can be reached.”

Adjunct lecturer Nancy Rochman’s Introduction to Financial Accounting class is another standout for Voge. “She teaches students in a way that not only makes accounting easy to learn, but also enjoyable and practical for any student,” he said.

Going forward, Voge doesn’t have an exact plan mapped out for himself. “In the past, I have learned that going with what life throws at you and makes you happy leads you in the right direction,” he said. “I plan on getting a job where I love what I do and the people around me, and want to go back each and every day.”