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Academic Ambitions
Brittany Hultstrom, BSBA Marketing and Entrepreneurship ’11

By Liz Warren-Pederson

Brittany Hultstrom grew up in Carver, Massachusetts, but when the time came to plan for college, she was prepared to go far from home.

“I decided to attend the UA because I wanted to be a part of the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program,” she explained. “I knew Arizona would be such a drastic change from where I grew up.”

Brittany Hultstrom, BSBA Marketing and Entrepreneurship '11, came to the UA from Massachusetts to study entrepreneurship.

Brittany Hultstrom, BSBA
Marketing and Entrepreneurship ’11, came to the UA from Massachusetts to study entrepreneurship.

Her family worked hard to keep her from feeling isolated. “My parents, grandparents, and even my aunt and uncle all came out to Tucson in my first year here, so I never felt far from home!” she said.

She’s also kept busy. “Because I came to the UA specifically for entrepreneurship, I had to put more thought into my second major: marketing,” she said. The Eller College doesn’t offer marketing courses in the pre-business curriculum, so Hultstrom set out to educate herself.

“I started with getting involved in clubs, and became the marketing officer for the Residence Life EcoReps in my sophomore year,” she said. “That was such a fun role because I could incorporate my love for sustainability with my passion for marketing.”

Hultstrom took on two marketing-focused internships the summer before her junior year: one with the environmental nonprofit organization Global Sports Alliance USA and one with a property management firm, GoldenWest Management

“I learned so much about taking initiative in these positions,” she said. “I especially enjoyed working on the social media advertising for Global Sports Alliance USA and getting the chance to produce rental fliers at GoldenWest Management.”

This summer she continued to explore social media marketing through an internship with another property management firm, Tucson Rental Homes. “I realized how beneficial it is to take on an internship in that I got to see how each company ran,” she said. “This will also help in any entrepreneurial venture I decide to take on; even if I start a completely unrelated company I will have seen what works and what does not work in order to make my company a success.”

Hultstrom is currently at the midpoint in the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program. “I have always dreamed of being an entrepreneur, but I knew I wanted to go through the McGuire Program first to know for sure and to be much more prepared,” she said. “I definitely feel more prepared for the business world and have a better understanding of the process that you need to go through when starting any business.”

This year she is co-president of the Entrepreneurship Student Association (ESA). Through her involvement with ESA, she connected with McGuire alum Josh Scott (MBA ‘08). “I have invited him to share his knowledge and experience with other members of the ESA,” she said. “He always has extremely helpful advice I am so thankful for all of his help and guidance.”

Hultstrom has also found plenty of guidance from her Eller College faculty mentors. “I am so grateful to all of my professors for helping me in advancing my education,” she said.

A consumer behavior class with Soldwedel Professor of Marketing Melanie Wallendorf and business communication with lecturer Linda Saulsby and senior lecturer Diza Sauers were particularly beneficial.

“The consumer behavior class I took with Professor Wallendorf has been one of my favorite classes I have taken here at the UA,” she said. “We were able to apply what we learned in the lectures and textbook to our primary and secondary marketing research. We got the chance to conduct interviews for this primary research, which gave me the opportunity to design my own interviews and determine the findings from all of the data.”

Looking to the future, Hultstrom said her dream would be to be a professor. ”I would love to teach at the University of Arizona to give back and help other students with their education and future careers,” she said. “I know I will be happy no matter what career I choose, whether it be in the marketing field, an entrepreneurial venture, or a professor. I have deep passions for all of these areas, but over the long term I do see myself teaching.”

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