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The Sports Management Program's Industry Board

By Cory Jarman

On the day when the 2011 Territorial Cup, that tenacious trophy, would be decided, Commissioner Larry Scott of the PAC-10 came to the University of Arizona to unify, encourage and instruct.  With a presence both youthful and wise, he inspired a renewed allegiance to a conference recently irritated by sanctions and complacency.  “Our storied excellence in the West will be echoed throughout the Nation” was heard: motivating, resounding, triumphant.

The Stadium Club, atop the stands of Arizona Stadium, accommodated fifty or so faculty, professionals and students, who had come to appreciate the fine points of a crisp, qualified, and constructive presentation from their PAC-10 Commissioner.  As attentive as a silent crowd at their celebrated author’s reading of a bestseller, the mixed audience of masters and apprentices hoped to gain a little bit of insight concerning the newly remodeled Conference of Champions.  Topics, such as the adoption of new schools, the potential launch of an in-house media network, and a change in governmental and financial responsibilities, were a few mentioned as part of the 10-year/3-pronged strategy for new direction.

In little over an hour, the presentation included a short film addressing the rebranding of an iconic image: The PAC-10 logo.  The film debuted earlier this year in New York City, amid onlookers in Times Square; the site chosen to emphasize the tidal flood of the Pacific Conference presence on the East Coast.  The Pioneer Spirit, a recurring theme, instilled the timeless yet progressive image that precedes the PAC-10’s reputation in the hearts and minds of viewers.  As the new logo was presented, though most in the room had already seen it, pride and fidelity to the standards introduced decades prior were restored.

Fitting of an affair rarely experienced, the students were treated to lunch and leisurely contact with the Commissioner and fellow faculty.  What began as an intimate meeting for instruction, ended in a genuinely gratifying experience.  Thanks be given to all those individuals who made this event uniquely possible.