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On November 3, 100 Sports Marketing Association and Sports Management students headed north to participate in a rotational career panel with Phoenix Suns staffers who work in human resources, marketing and advertising, and season tickets. Following the panel, the students enjoyed a game and then headed back down to Tucson. Student Jeff Robin was instrumental in organizing the event, which went through a series of twists and turns before it came together, “without a hitch.”

By Jeff Robin, President of the Sports Marketing Association

Organizing the Suns Career panel was tough but very experiential for me.  I first was planning on attending the career panel with my sports class and not include my sports club in the mix.  After the Suns sold me on a very great night where my club would interact with the Suns executives and that we would have a fun time, I decided to include my sports club with the sports class.

It was difficult to plan the trip because there were four different groups involved in the process and we all needed to communicate with one another to plan the tickets, schedule the buses, collect money from students and schedule the speakers.  At first with my club and Jim McLean’s class, we were not able to meet the quota for the 75 tickets to receive the speaker series which is when we invited the Sports Management Minor students to attend as well.  We sent out a letter on the listserv and had overwhelming interest.  It was tough to schedule times to collect money from students and to communicate with all of them via email since I did not have the control to email out on the listserv.

It was also rough because some people wanted to meet us up at the event, or decided not to come at the last minute. We ran into a snag when the Suns changed the time of the speaker series to earlier in the day so that more executives could come out which messed with our timing of getting down there.  We tried getting the buses to come earlier, but they could not budge.  When the day came, we all packed on the two buses and went up to the event.  We ran into a problem when one person missed the bus and she was forced to drive herself up to the game.  We arrived earlier than we expected to the arena and met with the speakers.  I thought the speaker panel was fantastic and very helpful since there were speakers from all different departments which gave our students a chance to learn more about the different areas of the Suns.

The certain students who chose to drive up to the game had to meet with us halfway in and I had to run back and forth between the speaker panel and picking up the students from outside.  Overall I felt that the night was very beneficial and we all learned a lot about the Suns organization.

The game was very exciting and I felt that the event went off without a hitch!