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The big event, just south of McClelland Hall.

By Barrett Weidner, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Senior

On Nov. 3rd, just off the Eller patio, the Eller College experienced what I think was one of the most successful advertising campaigns to take place on its premises.

With a live DJ, three gorgeous Chevrolet vehicles, and free prizes, Dr. Ackerley’s advertising course (MKTG 425) invited hundreds of students to “Get in and surprise themselves.”

As part of the student group “AckAttack Advertising,” we were lively and enthusiastic while trying to integrate the new perceptions of Chevrolet into the minds of the college market. Through direct face-to-face interaction, we conveyed Chevrolet’s new styling and the quality engineering implemented into the new 2010 vehicles.

Students had the chance to touch and feel the vehicles, and could fill out a survey to receive free food, win gift cards, movies and ping pong tables, get in a money booth, and spin a prize wheel!  AckAttack Advertising stood at each car enabling the participants to have all their questions about the vehicles answered.

Cameramen took snapshots of the event, a time laps camera captured the setup and implementation of the event, and one-on-one interviews of student reactions were recorded. The event successfully changed and increased perception of Chevrolet itself by acknowledging their products through a targeted population.

We in the AckAttack Advertising group would like to thank the Eller College of Management and its supportive faculty for making the event come to fruition.