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By Aimee Schattner, Cross-posted from the Eller MBA Blog

Eller College sponsored a networking event for MBA candidates at the Scottsdale campus on October 8. The event afforded Eller students the opportunity to interact with representatives from 13 companies in consulting, marketing and financial fields.  Company representatives facilitated break-out sessions with MBA candidates speaking about company structure and insight into future job opportunities.

Later, MBA candidates were able to interview employers and Eller alumni from a variety of industries during a social event.  Among the topics of discussion were business trends, career advice, and general insights to help navigate a complex and challenging market.  Eller MBA Program Director and Associate Dean, Daniel Bens, shared new developments currently taking place at the Eller College of Management during the event as well.

Eller MBA candidate, Mike Lyons, attended the networking event and talks about his positive experience interacting with employers.  Mike hails from Portland, Oregon and received a BS in Biology from University of Portland.  Mike is graduating with the Class of 2011 with concentrations in Entrepreneurship and Finance.  Please welcome Mike Lyons to the blog this week!

Mike Lyons, Class of 2011

I enjoyed attending the Eller Scottsdale Networking event, just as I had last year.  This event afforded me the opportunity to communicate with potential employers on a more personal level, instead of merely uploading my resume over a website.  I also enjoyed getting a chance to interview potential employers, which is opposite of how it typically works.  Through my conversations, I was able to really discover which companies I would be a good fit for, by talking frankly with representatives about topics such as corporate culture and different segments within their companies.

Another aspect I appreciate about events such as these is the chance to observe other classmates’ interaction styles with prospective employers.  Not only does it give me an idea of the tough competition that exists throughout Eller, it also allows me to hear other people’s elevator pitches and how they describe their professional backgrounds.

This event helped me polish my presentation skills which ultimately make me more valuable in the eyes of potential employers.  I feel fortunate to have had this opportunity.

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  • I found this when I was doing a search for a new friend I met in Whistler BC that was from Portland named Mike Lyons. This looks similar to him but I’m not 100% because everyone looks different with a wind burnt face.