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Achieving in the Classroom, on the Field, and Beyond
Jaryd L. Hickman, BSBA Business Management ’11

By Brittany Smythe
BSBA Business Management ’11

Business management senior Jaryd Hickman is a student athlete at Eller. He was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, and grew up balancing his high school course work with his football schedule. When it came time to make a decision about college, he needed to choose whether a football scholarship for a smaller institution or an academic scholarship to a larger institution would be best for his future career.

Jaryd L. Hickman, BSBA Business Mangagement '11, landed an internship that may turn into a full-time position thanks to Eller's annual Career Showcase.

Jaryd L. Hickman, BSBA Business Mangagement ’11, landed an internship that may turn into a full-time position thanks to Eller’s annual Career

“I wanted to go to a university that had a great business school, play football, and experience college life at a big university,” he said. “The University of Arizona and the Eller College of Management had the rich academic reputation and college life that I was attracted to, so I looked into how I could become a part of the football team here.”

Hickman was recruited as a walk-on member of the UA football team and is funded by a National Hispanic Scholarship which covers his tuition in full. Although he was at first unsure of what he wanted to do, Hickman has remained passionate about working with people. His dedication to his team has further confirmed his goal to obtain a job that allows him to develop, motivate, and enrich other individuals.

His responsibilities as an athlete at the UA allowed him to become involved in social efforts including regular community service. Although football takes up a considerable amount of his schedule, Hickman has found ways to enrich his people skills through club activities and organizations on campus.

“I became captain of a club soccer team, made up of University of Arizona students who are all from different countries in Africa,” he said. “It was a challenging experience managing a team with many different personalities and languages, but we ended up placing first in our conference.”

In addition, he is currently serving as a member of the board of directors for Eller College Philanthropy, an annual day-long volunteer event. His duties include reaching out to local nonprofit organizations, creating marketing campaigns, and rallying Eller students to participate. These activities have helped Hickman stand out among peers during the recruiting process.

He is thankful for the networking opportunities that Eller offers students: he obtained a summer internship in the executive program at Macy’s in San Antonio, Texas, through the Eller College Career Showcase, and the internship yielded a full-time offer.

“I ran a $5 million business for eight weeks, which entailed managing around 20-30 associates, analyzing financial figures, handling customer issues, merchandising my department, and many other tasks,” he said. “I was put in charge of two philanthropy promotions: Reading Is Fundamental and United Way. My store took first place in the R.I.F. campaign and we finished our United Way promotion within one day.”

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