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By Brittany Smythe
BSBA Marketing ’11

Through the Global Cohort, Ellerundergraduates can opt to take their first-semester junior year classes in China, with Eller faculty. In addition to an immersive cultural experience, the Global Cohort offers other benefits, as well.

“One of the most beneficial aspects of taking first-semester courses abroad was the fact that we were able to complete them all in just ten weeks,” said financemajor Hannah Huckin. “Also, class sizes were smaller so we had a chance to get to know our professors on a more personal level, and share in an experience that many other Eller students cannot relate to.”

Huckin was among the 72 Eller students who traveled to Nanjing, China, as part of the cohort. The program allows students to finish an entire semester, 15 units of upper division courses, in just 10 weeks, with the added benefits of visiting multi-national corporations and enhancing a cross-cultural skill set.

Prior to departing for China, the students fulfilled several prerequisites, including the first half of BNAD 315R, a business communications course. They met for eight consecutive Saturdays and gained the skills they needed to understand customs and learn communication basics to navigate China.

“By the end of these pre-China classes, we had learned how to develop a stakeholder’s analysis, company profile, risk analysis, and personal resume. In addition, we took the writing assessment, which is required by the Eller College,” explained Huckin.

While the academic schedule was demanding and in-class time was longer than the typical hour and 15-minute courses offered at the UA, students still had the opportunity to travel and experience China. The cohort visited Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong.

“In Shanghai, we visited the World Expo, which was an incredible sight to see,” Huckin said. “In Beijing, we went to the Forbidden City, Great Wall of China, the Bird’s Nest, Tiananmen Square, and several other places. Our last trip was to Hong Kong, which marked the end of finals week. We saw the largest Buddha in the world, and some individuals took the ferry to Macau for other activities, including bungee jumping.”