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By Brooke Wimberly

College DECA, formally known as Delta Epsilon Chi, is a new and upcoming club at the University of Arizona. DECA is a business competition club, giving students the opportunity to compete in life like scenarios in a variety of subjects such as Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Retail, Entrepreneurship, Management and many more. An amazing thing about competition is that which ever subject you compete in the judge that critiques you is a person from that field. If a presentation is really amazing then a job can be offered on the spot. So not only are you gaining experience through the judge’s critiques but also it is a great way to network and possibly set off your future. DECA is highly recognized by many employers, and is in fact sometimes looked for on a resume.

DECA is slowly but surely growing and have already accomplished many major things. We took part in the ASUA club triathlon last year and took 3rd place winning our club free tee shirts that not only let us show our club pride but allowed us to wear around campus and show students the DECA is here!  We have also participated in many philanthropic activities, we are a competition club but we also are about our community. This year we will be working with the high school divisions in hopes to help them succeed in their high school competitions and also in their preparation for college. Last year we brought home several first place awards in the state competition and had a few top ten placements in the International Competition. Currently we have ten returning members, but hope to get more people involved and have DECA continue to grow.

The Eller Leadership Fest was a major success for us this year. We had many freshmen who were in the high school division of DECA and knew who we were and what we were about and were excited to continue competing. We also had a lot of new people who had never even heard of DECA. We shared with them all the pros that DECA brings, and how it can largely promote their future. We had printed flyers that had information about the club and also had times and dates of our upcoming open house and we had a sign up sheet where students could leave their email addresses to receive emails on what DECA is about and upcoming meetings. We had over 70 students sign up to receive more information and potentially be new members. We also gave away Fuse lanyards that Fuse, a sponsor of ours, gave to us, and bags of chips, which was a big hit. On our table we displayed our club shirts, and colorful poster board that highlighted the competitions. We also had some awards on the table so that our success would not go unnoticed.

A email will be going out to all of our new interests and we hope to have a large turn out and this years open house! If anyone is interested you may email me, Brooke Wimberly, at