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By Liz Warren-Pederson

Samarth Das, dual MBA- MS MIS student, served an IT internship this summer at Walmart that landed him a full- time position at the retail giant's head- quarters in Arkansas.

Samarth Das, dual MBA-
MS MIS student, served
an IT internship this
summer at Walmart
that landed him a full-
time position at the
retail giant’s head-
quarters in Arkansas.

International student Samarth Das came to the Eller College from his native India to earn his MBA, but decided to earn his master’s in MISalong the way.

After graduating with degrees in electronics and communication engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University in Bangalore, he joined Infosys Technologies as a software engineer. Then he was ready to expand his skills through an MBA, saying, “The Eller MBA attracted me with its strong MIS department, academic environment, and the small classroom size.”

The real-world consulting projects were another selling point. “I had heard a lot about the spring projects and the opportunity to work in companies on real-time projects,” he said.

During the MBA program, he and a group of colleagues established a consulting club. “We wanted additional opportunities to learn about the consulting industry,” he explained. “Through the consulting club, we connected with companies like Deloitte and also did a live consulting project for a local client in Tucson.”

In addition to boosting his consulting experience, Das said the club gave him opportunities to develop his leadership skills and network with industry professionals.

He attributes those skills to helping him get a summer internship with Walmart. “I connected with a director at Walmart,” Das said. “He was instrumental in helping me get the internship.”

Das worked in Walmart’s Information Systems Division this summer on two projects — one in IT strategy and one involving the development of a program for HR to increase recruitment.

“The projects were very different, but building customer relationship was the key to both and the spring field projects at Eller definitely helped me connect to key customers and understand the requirements.”

Das said that he also applied concepts from his corporate strategy and project management classes, as well as business communication. “Effective presentation was important at the end to convey my recommendations, which were well received,” he said.

In fact, Walmart offered him a full-time position, and he will join the company at its Bentonville, Ark., headquarters after completing his master’s in MIS degree in December.

“I am really looking forward to working on some of the innovative technical systems that make Walmart a leader in the retail environment,” Das said. “I am also looking forward in bringing all the different skills that I have gathered at Eller and using them to make a positive impact to the organization.”