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By Maria Billias, Business Management and Finance Major


The Eller London internship program is an amazing experience that provides students the opportunity to learn about diverse cultures within one major city. Throughout my college career, I was very interested to study abroad in order to learn more about my passion of international business.  I made sure not to let the opportunity pass me by; therefore, I took the chance to pursue the program of Eller London’s internship program this summer.  This experience has opened my eyes about the world outside Tucson, the city where I grew up in.  Once I arrived at London, I realized I would leave this city with a great extent of knowledge about the city itself and about the different cultures. Walking through the busy streets of London, you pass by many people from different countries and hear languages being spoke from different parts of the world.


I am currently sharing this experience with approximately 30 students. Each of us was placed in companies located in different regions throughout the city. Therefore, each of us has been given the opportunity to practice in our fields of interest. I was placed with Holden and Partners, a small financial planning company that are renowned for developing strategic plans based on ethical and social responsible investing. Each day I attend my internship; I am introduced with more knowledge about the industry itself and trained to work in a different culture.

During our stay here in London, we also attend the class of British Life and Culture that provide us with abundant knowledge from famous British writers from history to the British way of living. For example, we had the incredible chance to experience watching one of Shakespeare’s greatest playwright, Henry VIII, at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre. The course will also take us on a field trip to visit the Parliament which will continue to increase our knowledge about British history. We also have been learning about the way of living in London by fully experiencing our day-to- day activities, such as taking London’s public transportation system almost daily. Each intern day, we all rush to the metro underground in order to catch our train to make it to our work destinations. This enjoyable experience has not only given us knowledge about London’s culture, but has given  us the opportunity to live it.

My experience here in London has been an amazing and enriching experience. So far, we have only completed almost half of the semester and I have gained very much knowledge about the city. Therefore, I am really excited to see the new knowledge I will gain in my remaining weeks that I stay in the city. This experience will definitely help contribute to my dream of pursuing international business and learning about different cultures from all over the world.