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Home Run
Ryan Soderquist, BSBA Finance ’10

By Trevor Diddell
BSBA Marketing ’10

Ryan Soderquist is a graduating senior at the Eller College. Like most seniors, the end of the semester meant his schedule was crammed with group meetings, exams, and late-night study sessions. Unlike the other finance majors at the Eller College, though, Soderquist spent his weekends scoring runs for the University of Arizona Wildcats Club Baseball team.

Ryan Soderquist, BSBA Finance '10, swings for the fences as a member of the UA Wildcats Club Baseball team.

Ryan Soderquist, BSBA Finance ’10, swings for the fences as a member of the UA Wildcats Club Baseball team.

Soderquist, a Minnesota native, has been playing baseball for as long as he can remember. “I have always loved the game, from playing stickball in the backyard to playing in the National Club Baseball Association World Series the past two seasons. It’s always been a great source of fun and friendship,” he said. 

His decision to come to the University of Arizona, however, was guided by his passion for business. “My father worked in the cash register distribution business and I used to work at the same company with him every summer,” Soderquist said. “I was always in or around the business world so I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in business. The Eller College was an obvious choice for their reputation as one of the top business colleges in the country. I also have to admit that the weather played a role in my decision to go to school in Arizona.”

Pursuing rigorous finance classes as a student athlete has certainly proved challenging for Soderquist. Yet on top of his academic and athletic commitments, he has also worked full-time for Campus Crossings student apartment complexes.

Most weekends the baseball team plays four games, and he wouldn’t return from trips until late Sunday night. “The best way to handle these situations is to study early to avoid cramming for tests and trying to communicate with group members whenever I can to make sure I’m pulling my weight,” he said. When asked about his favorite part of being a student athlete, Soderquist was quick to reply: “Many people only get to play their favorite sports in high school and lose that opportunity when they go to college. I consider myself extremely lucky to have the ability and opportunity to continue playing the sport I love while getting a college education.”  

After completing the final inning of his college career, Soderquist reflects on his experience: “From start to finish, college was the time of my life. I had so many memorable experiences. I will use everything I learned here for the rest of my life.”

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