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By Julian Mintzes, BSBA Marketing & Entrepreneurship ’09

I am living and working in China, and since the publication of a profile of me in eller buzz, a lot has happened, including a vacation in which I had the opportunity to travel and my involvement in more activities in China.

While traveling, I visited a small town plus a couple of modern cities. An interesting note about the small town was that although it had three traffic circles and most of the taxis were motorcycles with little cabins for the passengers, there still was an NBA store and a Jeans West, plus there was full cell phone service by Chinese carriers. The other modern cities have all of the luxury brands. There are so many branches of stores such as Louis Vitton, Gucci, and Tiffany, I’m not sure how all of them make money.

At any rate, I am now on the 校内 “Xiaonei,” which is the Chinese Facebook. The website is a copy and their way of earning money and starting was exactly like Zuckerberg at Facebook. The guy who started it was a recent graduate of one of the top universities in China.  Interesting in how similar it looks, only in Chinese.

Also interesting to note in how America is still viewed as top-dog. The Chinese tend not to realize the amount of power China has in the global context and some things the students learn about from me just aren’t taught in Chinese, for example the national deficit.