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By Kimra Griffin, Pre-Business Freshman

I have been to New York City before, but going on this trip made me see this vibrant city in a whole new way.  There was such a feeling I got from putting on my suit each day and going to see companies I never pictured visiting in general let alone in New York City.  We saw everything from clothing stores like Macy’s and JCPenny’s to meeting with financial companies like Dow Jones & Company and Standard and Poor’s.  This trip also took me to places I had only dreamed about visiting in my lifetime like the New York Stock Exchange which I have heard about since I was a little child to banking panel meetings with Morgan Stanley, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Goldman Sachs.  I feel that being a freshman I was extremely fortunate to be chosen to go on this trip.  It was not only an amazing opportunity to see a city which is know for its outstanding business skills, but to also have the chance to use this opportunity to figure out what I personally want to do with my life.  Each company we visited made me look at their company in a whole new way.  I feel that this trip really helped me to open up my eyes to new industries I hadn’t thought about working in before while at the same time it helped me to narrow down what I want to do in my future, in terms of what major I want to achieve, as well as getting started networking with companies at a young age where I have time to grow with these relationships and see if over time I would like to work with any of these companies.

This city is something much more unique than I have ever seen as a tourist before.  Even though people do move at such a fast pace here it seemed in some ways kind of comforting.  With the fast hustle from everyone around you, on the streets, comes this strange desire to achieve your goals and motivates people.  It is a invigorating environment to visit as well as to work in.

The most lasting impression I had from this trip was how many amazing corporations we met.  The alumni were extremely helpful and were extremely interesting. They made us all feel welcome and really wanted to try and help us find opportunities here.

Even though this trip is one that moves at a fast pace I felt that it fit perfect with the environment.  New York City is known for their people moving at a hustle and this trip reflected it quite well.  This trip was also really packed which was nice because even though we were given down time I felt that we got to see a great number of companies in the limited time we were given.  I would like to thank everyone who worked on planning this trip.  I feel that this trip provides great opportunities for freshman and sophomores to figure out what they want to do in the future as well as there are many wonderful opportunities for juniors and seniors like jobs they could apply for and internships they could look into.  I feel that no matter what year a student is they will get something out of this trip and I know that I can’t wait to go back again for more wonderful opportunities.