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A Winning Hand
Zach Goldberg
BSBA Finance ’10

By Trevor Diddell
BSBA Marketing ’10

As winter break drew to a close, most students were preparing to head back to campus for the spring semester.

Not senior Zach Goldberg.

The finance major spent his first week of January in the Bahamas, playing in the Caribbean Adventure Tournament at the Atlantis hotel.

Goldberg relied on his skill and a little bit of luck to work his way up through the record-breaking 1,529 contestants, eventually placing seventh in the no-limit Texas Hold’em tournament. Goldberg walked away with a payout of $300,000 — no small return on the initial $10,000 buy-in.

While many students would be tempted to treat themselves to something extravagant, Goldberg had more practical plans for his winnings.

“I have most of it in a hedge fund,” he says. “I didn’t really blow any money; I just plan on reinvesting it in poker. There is a lot of money not only in poker, but in endorsements as well.”

The New York native relates his passion about poker to his current studies as a business student. “Poker is a lot like business,” he says. “It takes patience to get ahead, and the game has a lot of ups and downs.”

After graduation, Goldman plans to continue building on his winning streak. “It’s all about trying to skew the odds in your favor to come out ahead!”