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Pursue the Passion
Brett Farmiloe, BSBA Accounting ’06
Social Media Manager,
Vice President, Pursue the Passion Program

By Trevor Diddell
BSBA Marketing ’10

As seniors in college approach their final months most face the ultimate question, “What’s next?” 

Eller alum Brett Farmiloe and a few UA grads set out to answer that question when they spent the summer of 2006 conducting interviews of successful and passionate people across the country.

Brett Farmiloe, BSBA Accounting '06, began the "Pursue the Passion" tour in the summer of 2006.

Brett Farmiloe, BSBA Accounting ’06, began the “Pursue the Passion” tour in the summer of 2006.

Farmiloe and a few friends traveled across the country on a road trip he dubbed “Pursue the Passion.” Their goal? Find out what drives passionate people in their careers.

We caught up with Farmiloe, who has just released a book based on his nationwide interview project which is sponsored by, his current employer. Since 2006, Farmiloe has interviewed 300 people across the country who truly love their jobs.

“We interviewed a goat farmer, the first former maximum security inmate to become warden of a prison, Michael Jordan’s shoe designer, and the CEO of MGM Grand, just to name a few,” he says. All of these interviews and his crew’s experiences are featured in the hardcover, full color coffee table book, titled Pursue the Passion.

“This is the coolest thing I’ve ever done,” says Farmiloe. “To be able to see America from the road, and to explore the passions of people… it’s amazing. The best part about the project is that this is something anyone can do. Any person wondering what to do with their life can find someone in their local area to interview. Those interviews are invaluable experiences.”

Farmiloe traces the inspiration for his cross-country project to his college days. “I always remember that quote from Karl Eller on the first floor: ‘Creativity is seeing what others don’t.’ When I interviewed Karl Eller, and went in depth with him about his personal and professional experiences, that mantra he coined was evident throughout his life.”

Brett Farmiloe and a fellow Eller College grad pursued the passion nationwide in their RV.

Brett Farmiloe and a fellow Eller College grad pursued the passion nationwide in their RV.

Though he graduated with a degree in accounting, his business communication skills have launched Farmiloe’s career path.

“My most valuable resources from the Eller College are my connections through my classmates, and I use those contacts daily,” he says.

After conducting so much on-the-ground research, Farmiloe has advice for current students and alums alike: “Pursue your interests, no matter how small. One guy we interviewed told us, ‘I started out with nothing but a passion for wanting to meet girls and go to concerts for free.’ Today he writes for Rolling Stone and Playboy.”

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