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Paul Portney

Paul R. Portney, Eller College Dean and Halle Chair in Leaderhship.

Research faculty at the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management are focused on developing new knowledge in their respective disciplines — be that marketing, accounting, management, finance, MIS, or economics — not just for the sake of advancing their fields today, but also for the sake of our students. Important research developments in these areas can take up to ten years to be incorporated into textbooks, but our students benefit right away, as their professors share this information in the classroom.

I hope you’ll enjoy this issue of eller buzz, which features just a few examples of the kind of research that happens every day here at the Eller College. Behind each of these research stories is years of effort, between faculty and graduate students, not just here at the University of Arizona, but also in collaboration with academics at other top universities around the country.

Many of these faculty members have already advanced to earn tenure at the College, better positioning them to generate grant monies and support. But there is a whole generation of promising young faculty members who are still building their reputations through research, publication, and conferences. During the academic year, they are busy in the classroom, working directly with undergraduate and graduate students, but it’s during the summer that they are able to fully focus on the research questions that they are passionate about.

Every year, we make financial awards for summer research to our most promising young tenure-track faculty. The awards serve two purposes: to foster innovative scholarship and intellectual growth among new faculty, a key component of Eller College’s academic standing, and to reward our best and brightest for their work over the summer months when their contracts do not provide for other support. Most importantly, our summer research program is a critical recruiting tool in a very competitive environment. Without the promise of rewards for innovative research proposals, it would be difficult to recruit and retain our next generation of academic leaders.

I myself am making such a contribution because of the importance of this program, and hope you’ll do the same. Summer research awards are made by May 1, so your timely decision is important. 

Please help us continue to attract and retain our most precious resource — our  faculty — by making a gift to support faculty research online today. Visit and designate your gift to Friends of the Faculty.


Paul R. Portney
Dean and Halle Chair in Leadership