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In January, Eller MBAs traveled to South America to develop an understanding of how business is conducted in Brazil and Chile, while also getting a taste of cultural sites. Ryan Michelson and Katie Tunsky were among the students, and documented the trip extensively on a blog they created. Check out the preview below, or follow this link to experience the entire trip.


Posted by Katie Tunsky|Visited on January 5th, 2010

Our first stop was CRIVO, a software company aiming to be Brazil’s first recognized credit reporting agency. The software, still in development, will analyze the credit risk of individuals, based on organized data from over two hundred sources. This will create a rating scale similar to the FICO score we utilize in the states. Once their product is launched they will provide credit information to banks, insurance companies, and other such institutions, making loans and investments safer and easier for companies and clientele alike.