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Building the Best Experience
Diego Romero, Eller Marketing ’10

By Trevor Diddell
BSBA Marketing ’10

Diego Romero

Diego Romero, BSBA
Marketing ’10,
measures college
success in part by how
involved he is.

Now entering his final semester in college, Diego Romero knows a lot about making the most of the experience. “I learned early on that getting involved is really important,” he says. “I joined college-wide clubs such as Eller College Student Council and the Eller Board of Honor and Integrity.”

Before he was professionally admitted to the College, he says, “I joined major-specific clubs to really understand how well I would like my major. That was really important, because as a senior I’m just now taking most of my marketing classes.”

Romero is currently president of the Eller Student Council and has worked directly with Eller students on initiatives like Be Heard Week, which gives Eller students the chance to provide feedback and suggestions on how to improve the College. “They asked for a clock in Berger and now there’s a clock in Berger,” Romero says, laughing.

Romero and the Council are also working to provide students with more study space; for this year’s Senior Class Gift, they are raising money to purchase furniture and desks. Their fundraising plans include selling Eller College t-shirts and offering advertising space in the graduation program to parents, clubs, and Greek houses who want to congratulate their grads.

Romero has spent his whole life in Tucson; he went to Cienega High School in Vail and came to the University of Arizona knowing he wanted to pursue a degree from the Eller College. Apart from classes and leadership involvement, he built hands-on experience through an internship at the Tucson Convention Center as an assistant to the special events coordinator, planning events from hockey games to operas.

This coming semester Romero will intern with McFadden/Gavender Advertising, focusing on public relations work. “My main goal for the future is to be sustainable on my own,” he says. “I have been fortunate enough to have scholarships while being here at Eller, but I look forward to making my own money and supporting myself.”

Although he is still one semester from graduation, Romero says his favorite class so far has been operations management taught by lecturer Shyam Jha. “It isn’t in my major, but I really like the way Jha relates everything to real-world issues in the news each day,” he says.

Romero sums up his college career in two words: “Well rounded. I have done a lot and done pretty well in school, but I still had a lot of fun, too.” Still, when he looks back, he says, “The time goes by so fast. If I could go back, I would study a bit more because it ends really fast!”