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cox_smBy Marisa Cox, MBA Admissions Director

When I interview applicants, I frequently tell them that I feel that I’m doing my job well if they can look at the members of their cohort and feel like they are in good company.  I also tell applicants that when they join Eller, they are joining a community and a family.  This week four first-year MBA students in the full-time MBA program are making me proud — proud that we made good admissions decisions and most importantly proud that they are part of our Eller community and family.

These four students are all military veterans who were deployed and who fought to defend freedom.  All returned safe from their tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and have now completed their first semester of their MBA program.  In an effort to raise money and awareness for Wounded Warriors, a charity that aids and assists military veterans with combat caused disabilities, they are “rucking” or walking with a 40-pound pack on their backs from the ASU campus in Tempe to the UA campus in Tucson over the course of five days.

After surviving a grueling semester of classes, projects, and other activities. the first thought in the minds of these four men is not getting home to their families or taking a well-deserved vacation.  It is roughing it to help those in need.

As the mother of a two-year-old, I know what it feels like to be a proud mama.  This week these men are making me a proud admissions director. To view media coverage of these four generous men and their endeavor click here.